Airport Awards

Airport excellence in a variety of categories has just been announced by an impartial judge in a variety of categories. These were broken down by continent/region.

Annual Awards of Airport Quality

The numbers that I have just received are for 2022

They are broken down by passengers per year and region.

  • For example, in the 25-40 million passengers per year slot in Europe, Athens International (ATH) was one of three winners in overall passenger satisfaction.
  • In North America, in the 25-40 million passengers per year, Detroit Metro (DTW) shared the honors with Minneapolis/St Paul (MSP).
  • In North America, in the 2-5 million passengers per year, Gerald R Ford (GRR) shared with Greenville-Spartanburg International.
  • In category with most dedicated staff, in Europe, of the six airports selected (size not a determinant in this category), Aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino was the one we (through Travel With Chardoul) have used on several occasions.
  • Same category, the three winners in North America, Ford joined with Greenville-Spartanburg and Portland International Jetport.
  • In the category of Easiest Airport Journey, in North America, Ford, Greenville-Spartanburg International and Portland International Jetport were winners.
  • In the category of Most Enjoyable Airport, for Asia-Pacific, Beijing Daxing International was one of six.
  • Same category for Latin-America-Caribbean, Quito International Airport shared the honors with Guayaquil International Airport (I used both of these in 1995).
  • Same category for Europe, Aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino was one of six selected.
  • For the category of Cleanest Airport in Latin America-Caribbean, again it was Quito and Guayaquil airports.
  • For same category in Europe, again it was Aeroporto di Roma-Fiumicino as one of six.
  • For same category in North America, Ford was one of three winners!

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