2019 Group Trip to Greece

I have been working with Collette Vacations once again. I began with an already prepared group tour entitled “Greece: In the Footsteps of Paul the Apostle” and added a full day in Athens prior to the beginning of the regular tour. This gives my group an additional 30 hours to delve into this fabulous city at greater depth.

I will lead the group the afternoon of 3 September and will be accompanied by a guide on 4 September, to take my group to the top of Likavitos, a mountain right smack in the middle of Athens to get an overview of the city and environs. LikavitosThe guided tour will take us to the Acropolis Museum, new-acropolis-museum-in-athens-photo_1384548-700tall

to the Acropolis and the fabulous Parthenonimage

We then go to the Agora, the classical Greek version of The Mall. Here is where trade was negotiated, people shopped, visited with others, and had part of their religious experience. For more information and some great pictures of the Agora, click here

We will then join the remainder of the Collette group for a Welcome Dinner in the Plaka.

map of Greece trip

The next day, we board a ship in Piraeus and visit the following sites. Right now, I am not sure of which way we will travel, but everything on the below map will be reached. Of course, we must stop at Mykonos on the way to Kusadasi and then we go slightly inland to the archeological site of Ephesus. To get more information on Ephesus, click here

Our next stop will be the island of Patmos, where the Apostle John wrote Revelations. From there to Herakleion on the island of Crete to visit Knossos.


The Minoan culture was probably destroyed by a major volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini, which we visit next. (Fear not, the volcano is no longer active.) After that stop, we return to Piraeus and board a luxury coach, heading north.

Our first stop will be Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans held off a huge Persian army for many hours and prevented the Persian conquest of Greece. From there, we go to Thessaloniki with its famous White Tower.


We will use Greece’s second largest city as a base when we travel to Philippi and Kavala.Aerial view the city of Kavala in northern Greek





The next stop is Kalambaka to view the phenomenal monasteries on the top of very high flat hills at Meteora. Here is an interesting description of the site with some great pictures

We then head further south for an overnight at the ancient site of Delphi. Who knows? You might be able to communicate with the Oracle here.

We then go to Corinth where the famous canal was dug in the late 19th century, finally fulfilling a dream from several millenia connecting the Gulf of Corinth to the Saronic 866b94d51a4db948848a94c868b3afa6Gulf. We then return to Athens for a final night.

A typical Collette tour with a well-trained Tour Manager, local English-speaking guides, the relaxing three-night Aegean cruise, admissions, port charges, round-trip airfare from Grand Rapids, transfers from Athens airport to hotel and return, air taxes and fees/surcharges. If you wish to secure your own airfare, either from Grand Rapids or from another city, you can make your own arrangements or contact Lynne Erikson at lynne@dolphinvacations.net (616.954.2977).

The Inside cabin rate is $5338 per person for a double accommodation and $6338 for a single. The outside cabin rate is $5538 per person for a double and $6638 for single accommodations. Deposit of $750 per person is due by 28 February 2019. Deposits are refundable up until 6 March.

This portion of the 12-day trip includes 21 meals: 10 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 8 dinners.

If you have any questions, contact Paul Chardoul at pchardoul@comcast.net. I can provide the Application Form and travel insurance information.

This concludes the Collette portion of the trip. I have added a four-night optional extension to the Ionian island of Corfu. The cost of this extension is $760. It includes round-trip air from Athens to Corfu, four nights in a luxury hotel, four breakfasts, coach service and an English-speaking guide for several days, museum admissions, and the opportunity to visit a true gem in the Ionian Sea.

Here is a short description of what I have planned for our stay here. I have allowed for some free time that you will appreciate. Again, if you have any questions, contact me at pchardoul@comcast.net.

What to do on Corfu for four days